The Complete Practitioner: Features: Analysis


  • Gross/Cost Trends
  • Net Income Trends
  • Cost Distribution
  • Revenue by Care Provider (breaks out dentists/hygienists separately)
  • Revenue by Regular Dentist (lumps all work done for particular dentistís patients)
  • Revenue by Procedure (i.e., amounts from Endodontic work)
  • Revenue by Referral and Referral Sources (for productive use of advertising dollars)
  • Patient Employers and Residences (by Zip Code)
  • Production/Collection Efficiency
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly Production Amounts
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly Income Amounts
  • Projected Production Based on Schedule
  • Scheduled Hours and Utilization Efficiency
  • Missed Appointments Summary
  • Treatment Plan Acceptance
  • Income Not Realized (i.e., Charity, Insurance, Error, Discount, Promotions, etc.)
  • Staff Task Completion Efficiency


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