The Complete Practitioner: Presentations

We have provided two presentations to help demonstrate how our software and services can benefit your practice. Please take a moment to look at them.

* Note: The animated browser version requires the Microsoft PowerPoint Animation Player for Active X--Download Here!
The PowerPoint documents require Microsoft PowerPoint or the PowerPoint viewer--Download Here!

1. The Complete Practitioner Overview-
• This PowerPoint presentation is based on lectures we have been giving to dental students across the country. It will show many screens from the program, as well as provide an overview of the complete management of a highly profitable practice. Download Presentation

2. Teleo Practice Services Overview-
This presentation provides a more general view of the software and services that we provide. Choose the viewing option that you prefer.
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Actual Power Point Document (626KB)


Lecture Schedule
Would you like to hear these presentations live? Click here for a schedule of upcoming lecture presentations

Lecture Comments
People are talking... Check here for feedback and comments that have been made about the presentations.

Presentation Flyer
Are you helping us to organize a presentation in your area? Here is a poster you can use to publicize the event.




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