The Complete Practitioner: What Makes Us So Timely

Out with the Old-- It's Time to Rethink What You Expect of Your Practice Management Software!

You have probably heard of the phrase to "shift your paradigm". The Complete Practitioner is a paradigm shifter.

While you will find dozens of software programs to you help you manage your patients, this is the only one you will find to manage the rest of your practice. Perhaps you have never thought about how long your equipment could last with the proper care or how much money you spend paying an accountant to do things your software could do for you. Maybe you have never considered that your computer can help protect you from litigation and dishonesty. What about the jeopardy your business could be in because one person in the office is absolutely indispensable with regards to supply ordering or insurance tracking? There are enough difficulties in running a business. We thought your search for software shouldn't be one of them.

20 Questions to Shift Your Paradigm

  1. If my main front office person got in a car accident and was out of work for three months, could my business survive?
  2. Should I let thousands of dollars a year walk out the front door because the operatory staff forgot an item or two for the front desk person to put on the account?
  3. Could my Practice Management Software actually tell me what amount to send in for my estimated taxes and even base it on additional spousal or investment income?
  4. I have spent over a hundred thousand dollars on equipment; how do I know that it's being properly cared for?
  5. Could I pay my hygienists' and associates' commissions without having to do extra bookkeeping?
  6. How much inefficiency do I experience because the person who does the scheduling has no idea of priority for the items on the treatment planning list?
  7. Will I be embarrassed by an indignant patient showing up for an appointment scheduled three weeks ago, with their bridge not yet back from the lab?
  8. Could I sit at home and have access to my schedule, patient treatment records and office financial data?
  9. How organized am I and how much time is wasted by my staff when the supply salesman pays a visit?
  10. Do I have any proof that I provided proper post-operative instructions to the patient when their attorney gives me a call?
  11. Should I pay thousands of dollars to have a colored light communication system installed when I can get the same functionality from my computers (and more)?
  12. What can I do to ensure that I am not one of the forty percent of practitioners who are embezzled for an average of over $50,000 each?
  13. How do I budget for my annual liability insurance payment or my quarterly tax payment?
  14. When I see an advertisement for dental software, do I really know when I am being shown five different programs on the same page (and what about upgrades and continued integration)?
  15. Why do they call it a practice management system if it only manages patients?
  16. Does the person(s) who writes my software (or sells it) know anything about dentistry or running a business? If I inform them of a problem with the software, how many people have to successfully communicate with each other to fix the problem?
  17. Any possibility for customization?
  18. How secure am I from computer hacking?
  19. Am I a manager; or am I spectator?
  20. Am I a Complete Practitioner?

A Solid Foundation
Many software vendors emphasize that they do nothing but create and sell Practice Management Software. We think that is a disadvantage. We also manage a thriving dental practice that was started from scratch in 1994. We think that paying the same bills and managing the same tasks that you do helps us to understand your needs. It also helps to ensure that as the needs of the practitioner change, we will alter the software to be the best tool at your disposal.


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