The Complete Practitioner: Features: Efficiency


  • Automatic account charging based on treatment dates- no forgotten charges
  • Automatic overdue lab item check- no wasted appointments or frustrated patients; if overdue items found, a few clicks take you from lab contact screen ("when will it be ready?") to patient contact screen ("sorry itís not ready") to patients appointment (for moving appointment)
  • Pharmacological Prescriptions selected, recorded to the treatment record and printed with a few button clicks- with the Doctorís signature already on the script
  • Print address labels, mail merge files and E mail address files
  • Templates feature allows creation of "cut and paste" text for any purpose (i.e., examination checklist, post operative treatment notes, form letters)
  • Accounts due screen provides format to quickly enter payments received in mail, without having to open up individual accounts
  • Pending Patients function enables you to track incoming patients referred by other doctors
  • Patient Locator provides visible indication of where patients are in the office (i.e., "Waiting", "Operatory 1") and how long they've been there
  • Staff Task List enables assignment and monitoring completion of routine office responsibilities

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