The Complete Practitioner: Features: Recall


Outstanding Treatment

Recall :

  • Pull up all planned or in process procedures to fill your schedule; listing for each patient will be sorted by priority set in the operatory with in-process procedures always sorted to the top of the list; a few clicks and youíve scheduled appointment for the selected procedure
  • Recall list can be generated based on selective criteria- types of procedures, regularly assigned care provider and "standby" patients who have been designated to come in on short notice
  • If patient on list is a minor, button will be displayed to quickly find name of parent- so you donít sound foolish asking for a six year old
  • If patient has insurance, button will be displayed to find insurance benefit amounts- so you can convince patients to utilize coverage before it expires
  • Track when contacted, who contacted by and comments made
  • All relevant information readily available- last prophy, last treatment, next appointment, etc.
  • Separate recare listing for patients sorted by status- due now, overdue, planned

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