The Complete Practitioner: Features: Taxes

Taxes :

  • Automatic reminders to pay Estimated Taxes when due
  • Automatic calculation of Estimated taxes based on outside income and practice gains/losses
  • Automatic recording of Estimated tax check
  • Automatic reminders to pay monthly (or semi weekly) 941 Payroll Taxes
  • Automatic calculation and recording of 941 Check
  • Automatic recording and calculation of 940 Federal Unemployment Taxes
  • Automatic calculation and recording of State Income and Unemployment Taxes
  • Collect and pay sales taxes with different rates allowed for goods and services
  • Complete quarterly 941 and annual 940 forms in just a few minutes
  • Print year end Government and Employee copies of W3 and W2s
  • Complete annual business taxes (sole proprietor, corporate and partnership) using simplified expense summaries, balance sheets, accounts receivable (even mileage) screens and reports. Take the reports to an accountant, or do it yourself (youíll find that youíve been paying someone too much to do something thatís too easy)

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