The Complete Practitioner: Features: Treatment


  • Treatment record screen provides ready access to all information you need in the operatory-prioritized treatment listing, comments, lab items, pathology, insurance submittals and estimates, health history, medical alerts, recare periodicity, etc.
  • Graphical tooth chart enables rapid "point and click" treatment planning, record review and allows recording of pre existing treatment and conditions
  • Graphical perio charting displays pocket depth as well as recession if charted
  • Tab order in perio charting set up for commercially available voice navigation software- even skips extracted teeth
  • Graphical pathology screen allows selection of biopsied area and comments on examination area
  • Record and print pharmacological prescriptions, dental laboratory prescriptions and pathology reports
  • Automatic reminder to update outdated health history information
  • Unlimited number of Fee Schedules


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