Complete Practitioner: Are You A Complete Practitioner?

You want a highly profitable fee-for-service practice, but you must juggle so many different concerns:

Perhaps you could increase revenue if your recall system was a bit better.

Perhaps you could spend less on repairs and replacing your instruments if your equipment maintenance was done when it was supposed to.

Perhaps you have paid too much for supplies or shipping costs because of an inefficient ordering system; or maybe the system you've got works extremely well because of one invaluable staff member (what if that person leaves or is out of work for a while?)

Maybe you know a colleague who lost over $30,000 to employee dishonesty, but you are entirely dependent on an accountant/bookkeeper/office manager to manage your books. Prevent embezzelment.

If you could just find a program to do some of that drudgery, you would not only save money but lower your stress level as well.

The Solution Has Arrived-
The Complete Practitioner is Here

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